Caitlin Adamcik

French II Period 3

Information about the chateau

When was the châteatu built?

11th century (rebuilt in the15-16th century)

For whom was the châteatu built?

The chateau was built for the Buiel family

For what reason was the châteatu built?

The chateau was built as a fortress

Three unique features of the château

1. The chateau has beautiful blue roofs and white stone walls.

2. On the ceilings of Usse are trump l’oeil paintings designed to trick the eye.

3. Usse has a chapel by the edge of the Forest of Chinon

Two Important events:

1. Author of Sleeping Beauty had insperation from the castle


My opinion of the château

Why you like the châteatu and where you would have liked to live there or not

I like this castle because it inspired such a great story. I would love to live there!

Château quiz

Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

1. Usse was the insperation for the book . (Slepping Beauty)

2. The author of Sleeping Beauty, _, (Perrault) was inspired by Usse.

3. The castle was built in the _(11)th centry.

4. Usse has a _(chapel) at the edge of the forest.

5. The castel has (blue) roofs, and __(white) stone walls.

Personal interest 1 usse3.jpg IMG_1374.JPG by vkurland Fickr Creative Commons

Personal interest 2 Usse2.jpg Château Ussé by Joe Shlabotnik Fickr Creative Commons

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French2 period 3

Quand j'avais 10 ans. J'habitais à Sugar Land. J'allais à Austin Parlway Elementary. J'étais en 5iéme.

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