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Austin Quisenberry

French II Period

Information about Ussee

When was the châteatu built?

11th Century

For whom was the châteatu built?

Built as a fortress

For what reason was the châteatu built?

It was built as a fortress

Three unique features of the Usse.

1. It inspired the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

2. Made up of 3 main buildings.

3. it was rebuilt several times.

Two Important events:

1.In the 15th century it was bought again by Jean V de Bueil.

2. In the 17th century the north end was demolished.

My opinion of the Ussee.

The Usse posseses a beautiful surrounding landscape, and thats what really caught my eye. But no I couldn’t live there because of how much of a monster it is.

Usse Quiz

v 1.What year was the chateau established?

v The 1500-1600.

v 2.What famous movie was filmed in the Usse?

v Beauty of the Beast.

v 3.What side of the Usse was destroyed in the 17th century?

v The north end.

v 4.What forest is located by the Usse?

v Chinon

v 5. What signifigant event occured in 1664?

v The garden was detailed.

Personal interest 1

My reflection of the Usse was a positive one, because of the simple beauty it possesed.

Personal interest 2

Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that it was the place that The Beauty of the Beast was filmed at.

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