French II Period 5

When was the châteatu built?

Blois was built in about the middle of the 10th century.

For whom was the châteatu built?

It was builty by the count of Blois.

For what reason was the châteatu built?

It was built as a fortress, and then a royal castle

Three unique features of the château

1. It was sold to Prince Louis of Orleans in the end of the 14th century.

2. His grandson became king of France, and he moved to Blois, making it a popular, royal town.

3.Initials of owners are in the stone.

Two Important events:

1. In 1515, the building of Francis’ wing commenced.

2. In year 1000, Blois has begun to be built and takes a couple hundred years to finish

Two important people:

1. Count of Blois, he was the founder of the family who remained in power until 1230

2. Louis XII became king of France in 1498 and decided to move to Blois, in this way, the small town became a royal town and the capital of the Kingdom.

My opinion of the château

Why you like the châteatu and where you would have liked to live there or not.

I liked the castle. I thought it sounded interstesting and also it looked relly pretty. It is full of history which makes it fascictaing .

Château quiz

Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

1. There are rooms with ancient decorations from the 15th and 16th centuries.

2. Blois took hundereds of years to finish.

3. Blois is more economoical because it is cheaper than castles like chananceau.

4. A salamander the emblem of the king,and is engraved in the castle walls.

5. Blois’ style is influenced by the Italians.

Personal interest 1: That it used to be a fort, but was later converted into a castle

Personal interest 2: The salamander emblem is so cute. I love the idea of a animal walking through fire and living.

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